Tango Dancing Demo Video

It has been some time since we returned from Menorca in September for the Tango Holiday with Jenny and Ricardo.

The delay in posting and contacting the tango dancers has been caused by Norene’s recovery from the heart surgery, so I’m sure everyone who joined us for the holiday will understand. Norene is recovering well now and is really looking forward to next year’s Tango Holiday. I would like to thank all the Tango Dancers for their kindness at was was a very stressful time for us. It was wonderful to know that you all had such a wonderful time in Menorca.

So, now I am slowly getting around to contacting everyone and I have just put together the first of what I hope will be a short series of short videos showing the holiday and, in particular, showing Jenny and Ricardo’s wonderful dancing during the demonstration the put on at The Hotel S’Algar on the last night of the holiday in Menorca.

I know their dancing had everyone mesmerised and I did promise I would post the videos – so here is the first.

Hold on to your hats – and try to watch those steps – your turn to dance tango like this next year.

The next Dancing Holiday in Menorca with Jenny & Ricardo has now been arranged for September 14th-21st 2012. This year’s holiday was fully booked – so please don’t leave ittoo long to secure your place. BOOK NOW


  1. Wow!!!! What a fantastic holiday! Exceeded my expectations and boy they are high!!!
    Thank you Philip and to Jenny and Ricardo for making it so much fun! hope to see you again.

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